We are a community friendly flea market. Whether you want to get rid of your stuff or run a small business, we encourage you to join us. New dealers are always welcome.
Larger spaces run $248 per month while a smaller space is $188 per month.

We love bringing in new items, as long as they are “gently used!” We offer 5,000 sq. ft. of Consignment. After items sell, you will receive 40%, we receive 60% after the items sell. We keep your items for at least 60 days and items don’t expire until the end of the 4th month. Typically, we take in consignments Monday through Thursday, before 5 pm. Please send us pictures and call us ahead of time for larger items.

We cannot pick items up right now, but you are welcome to send us pictures of larger items.

Estate Sales:
We do Estate and Moving Sales.
Give us a call and we’ll see what we can do for you.
(303) 485-7270

Soup to Nuts Flea Market:
From April to October, we run our Outdoor Soup to Nuts Community Sale and Flea Market on the last Sunday of the month.

If you have stuff you don’t want anymore or don’t want to have a garage sale, come on by. We host up to 30 different booths on these days. The cost is $10 a booth in advance. A booth is about the size of a parking spot (roughly 100 sq. ft.). We do the advertising, so other than the $10 for the booth, the profit is all yours! Dealers can start setting up at 9 am and it runs as long as you’d like until 4 pm.

Click here for a booth!

Coming Soon:
Ladies Night Out is our after Hours SALE. Ladies Only, more information coming soon!